Revonet rewrites the sharing economy

Thanks to Revonet the boundaries between lender, producer and consumer disappear. The presence of the technological platform favors the digital relationships that are managed and promoted thanks to the trust generated by digital reputation systems.


The main features of the Revo sharing economy


The platform: the suppliers’ services are not provided from the top down and are first selected and checked. People meet to exchange opinions and experiences in a technological way. Sharing benefits and advantages has never been so simple.

The community: our community is constantly evolving and enriching. Revonet establishes a strong bond with its community, based on sociality, economic advantage, service efficiency, convenience, etc. We want a bilateral and continuous relationship to be born.

Convenience: the published services are activated only after due diligence regarding advantage such as; economic, comfort and efficiency.

Technology: it is the pivot on which the collaborative economy revolves, because it allows the encounter between strangers. Making it easier and faster while abolishing even geographical distances.

Sharing: it is the heart of our collaborative economy. All users have immediate, tangible and measurable benefits. But the flagship is the sharing of revenue with their Affiliates.


Revonet shares its profits


Revonet opens the new frontiers of the sharing economy by sharing the earnings with anyone who is actively participating in Revonet growth.

The suppliers (Formula Pro), approved and selected by Revonet, offer their service through the platform and sharing their revenue in form of discount to the users of the community and to Affiliates that promote its service.

All revenue from the service that enters Revonet is divided between User and Affiliate in the form of discounts and commissions.


Unity is strenght