Review guidelines



1.Introductory provision


1.1. Review Guideline lays down the rules of responsibility for the provider of the shopping portal Revonet, operated by Revonet Holding SE with it’s registered office at Křížovnická 86/6 Praha 110 00, Czech Republic, ID 07898401 for the content of contributions and reviews placed by the Users on the Portal website for the purpose of evaluating the quality of the services or sharing experience with specific good sin e-shop . (the “Review”).

1.2. This document does not establish any contractual relationship between the Provider and the User, but only regulates the issues of non-contractualliability for content within the meaning of Act. No. 484/2004 Coll. on certain services of information society (here in after referred to as “ZSIS”), and does not replace the arrangements between the Provider, the User and the Supplier contained in the Terms of Use of the Revonet Shopping Portal REVONET

  1. Responsibility for Reviews, Provider Status

2.1. The Provider allows the Users to write Reviews to individual Contractors or their services and products. Users submit Reviews completely independently through the Portal website.

2.2. With respect to the above procedure, the Portal is considered to be a service allowing the storage of information provided to the User (ie Review) within the meaning of § 5 of the ZSIS, and the Provider is therefore considered service provider of an information society within the meaning of § 2 (a). and (d) ZSIS, to which the provisions of Sections 5 and 6 of the ZSIS apply.

2.3. Pursuant to the provisions of the ZSIS to the previous article, the Provider is not obliged to supervise the content of the stored information (Reviews) and actively search for facts and circumstances pointing to the illegal content of the inserted information.

2.4. The Provider is responsible for the content of the Review sonly in the following cases (according to § 5 of the ZSIS):

2.4.1. if, due to the subject matter of his / her activity (ie operating of the Portal) and the circumstances and nature of the case, he / she could know that the content of the stored information (Review) or User’s actions is unlawful, or;

2.4.2. if he / she has been demonstrably aware of the unlawful nature of the content of the information being stored (Review) or of the unlawful conduct of the User and has not immediately taken all steps that may be required of him / her to remove or disallow such information.

2.5. Given that in the case of the Portal, the Provider is not obliged to supervise the content of the Reviews and check their compliance with the legal regulations, there is no case of liability under Article 2.4.1. applicable in the case of the Portal. The Provider may be liable under Article 2.4.2 if the conditions under Article 3 here of are met.

2.6. The Provider does not exercise any influence on the User’s activity when entering Reviews and does not affect the content of the Reviews in the sense of Section 5 (2) of the ZSIS.

  1. Terms of Removal Review

3.1. With respect to the provisions of art.2. of these guidelines The Provider in its nature dies not remove the reviews with exeption of this art. 3.

3.2. The Provider or User is entitled to send to the Provider a notice of the unlawful nature of the Review. The notifications hall contain sufficient information to enable it to Provider within the meaning of Article 2.4.2. of these Guidelines has been demonstrably aware of the unlawful nature of the Review, which must include at least the following information:

3.2.1. Identification Review;

3.2.2. justification for illegality;

3.2.3. a reference to the provisions of the regulations the Review is violating;

3.2.4. evidence of illegality (esp. final judgment or decision of another authority).

3.3. The notification may be sent to the Provider via e-mail to

3.4. TheProviderisnotobliged to assesstheillegality of theconduct and thebreach of thelaw by theReviewer. Therefore, theProviderwillremovethereviewonlyifthenotificationmeetsalltherequirements of Article 3.2. so thattheillegality of thereviewisdemonstrablewithinthemeaning of Section 5 of the ZSIS and Article 2.4.2. Notificationsthat do notcomplywiththisArticle 3 willberejected. Theoperatorisentitled, butnotobliged, to justifytherefusal.

3.5. Forthereasonunder Art. 3.4. in particular, itisnotpossible to complywiththerequirementscontainingonlytheallegations of theuntruthfulness of theinformationcontained in theReviewwithoutanyfurtherlegaljustification and relevantevidencethatwouldmaketheReviewunlawful.

  1. Finalprovisions

4.1. These OP Reviews do not in anyway limit theProvider’sright to deletetheReview in theeventthatitconsiderstheReviewillegal, content or formallyinappropriateforthePortal or itsrelevantsection. TheRights and Obligations of Users and Providers in ConnectionwithInserting and RemovingReviews are set forth in Article 8 of theTerms and Conditions.

4.2. Rights and Obligationsof ReviewsGuidelinesnotspecified are governed by theterms and conditions to theextentthatthey do notconflictwiththeseTerms and Conditions and generallybindinglegalregulations, in particularAct No. 89/2012 Coll. 480/2004 Coll., On someservices ofinformation society.

4.3. TheProvider has theright to update unilateralchanges to ReviewGuidelines.

4.4. Thewording of theseRules of Reviewbecomeseffective on 8.4.2019.


Note: In case of any differences between the English and Czech language versions of this contract, the Czech version shall prevail.