Revonet Community

We have always supported the importance of communities, especially online, which are gaining success all over the world and which are built around a project. Different people who have decided to take a journey together, and why not, having also so much fun together.


Who is the Revonet community for?

We make an important premise otherwise otherwise someone could misunderstand. When Revonet was invented and conceived, it was not intended just as “group of people” but rather a tool that could develop the entire community.

What is it for? To whom is it addressed? What do we want to deal with?

These are the questions on which we founded our project.

What is it for?

The main idea is based on bringing “opportunities in a direct way”. For those who see themselves as customers, it would mean getting a good deal. For a seller it would mean finding a product to sell and for an supplier it would mean finding customers for his products and / or services.

Who is it for?

The second idea was to succeed in uniting these three different figures together under a single collective interest, able to make the subjects interact by respecting the main idea.

What do we want to deal with?

To improve and innovate the markets and opportunities that saves lots of money to the community users thanks to direct interaction.  A revolutionary concept of “direct selling”.


The value of the community

The added value is represented by the idea of community and the sense of belonging that Revonet trigger between them. It is no coincidence that users are identified according to precise identikits: while on the one hand we have customers who are looking for good deals, on the other they open up an immense world on the general approach of service providers or vendors.

The services of our community must offer specific, tangible and measurable benefits for all its users in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Identikit in comparison

Are you a supplier that wants to find new customers and sellers for its goods and services?

Are you a seller looking for new market opportunities?

Are you a consumer looking for good bargain deals?

These identikits find answers in Revonet