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Revonet creates the first commercial network on demand


Revonet allows you to access, independently, the sale and promotion of the services offered by the suppliers present on the portal. Without fixed costs and without risks you will be provided with all the marketing support for your work online and offline.

The first independent international distribution network that promote the suppliers and allows them to collaborate with profesional and etical network of influencers. You decide which service or product to promote. They are provided with all marketing materials for online work.


No constraints

The first network in which you are the true employer of yourself. Revonet does not place contractual obligations or turnover obligations.

You can manage your business according to the economic and professional goals you have set.

No self consumption

The first network in which you are not forced to buy products and services you promote but you are always recognized the compensation on all the work done.
The company does not bind your earnings and does not oblige you to make any kind of purchase or self-consumption.


Through its professionals, it provides free training to its Affiliate network. The training sessions are completely online and can provide a complete preparation for your work online. Sessions are always recorded and available for consultation at any time.


The first network, where your opinion counts. The company considers your feedback important for continuous improvement and for the creation of a solid network of customers and collaborators.

Initial training

The first network where you do not need to participate in a long and boring initial training, with money outlay. You are operative immediately and you will find all the necessary material online. Videos, tutorials and manuals.


Commission plan (advertising fee program), simple and sustainable but able to offer high compensation, based on the percentage of sales service turnover. The fees obtained as a result of the supplier’s sales are guaranteed by the portal.


To become an Affiliate of the commercial network on demand and to have access to one’s own affiliate office has annual office fee of € 27 excluded VAT.

how it works


Register and log in to your Revonet account


 Share and advertise the Marketplace services you like


Wait for your customers to put your services in the cart


Collect your profit

Benefits for Publishers & Bloggers:

Why Revonet?

  • Millions of users reached, exponential growth!
  • Excellent media coverage and brand awareness from which the affiliate can generate profit
  • Constant updates to create content suitable for posts and articles by affiliates
  • Landing pages optimized


  • Duration of the cookie: 120 days
  • The user is counted as soon as he starts browsing the website

To become an Affiliate of Revonet is easy and convenient

Step 1. Create an user and affiliate account on our platform

Step 2. For your questions and particular requests contact us at 

Step 3. You will receive our material to share on your channel and social media to make you earn for every client generated!

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