About Us

We transform the service into an experience

Today being online is a fundamental step for every activity in the sector of sales. Specifically the service as it is not tangible, it is not a physical product sought online at a lower price or based on its availability in the warehouses.

Selling a service or buying a service is not so easy.

Who wo are

Revonet is the first Marketing Mix platform on the market and unique in its kind, in its digital evolution, born of old tradition and evolved to the present day. Onto the market it comes with a Concept of Network 4.0 where the world of online meets the offline.

Once the services were structured on the 4P marketing concept: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Today it is not enough! It must be structured in a totally different way. Today the marketing strategy must involve users, encouraging them to take action by generating interaction.

The importance of the Revonet Community

The Concept of our Community is based on an online platform of Affiliate Marketing, in constant evolution, capable of interactively involve its users; Suppliers, Sellers and Customers.

Why Revonet


Win Win

A solution that improves its efficiency and effectiveness on the increasingly competitive market.



A solution that improves its efficiency and effectiveness on the increasingly competitive market.


High Quality

A solution that meets the needs of the Protagonists, in a impactful and dynamic way.


To prevent

A solution with a constant vission to the future, where the Protagonists are open to intelligent solutions.



A solution that realizes concrete and measurable activities, with real and tangible benefits that generates development and well-being.

A winning solution for all players:

No fixed costs

High quality services

Smart solutions

Measurable activities

Best investment / return ratio

In Revonet, users set the rules of the game

Thanks Revonet it is possible a participatory communication, to have access to information in real time, from the point of view of company / consumer relationship. A democratic relationship between users.

The participatory logic has been redefined in Revonet: it is the users who dictate the rules of the game in a platform, new compared to the past, a platform where the rule of listening is in force.


Interactivity is an essential function to amplify the interaction between users. A tool capable of transforming each user into an Opportunity by interacting directly with its protagonists.

  • communicates
  • Influences
  • supports
  • punishes

Revonet allows a direct exchange of information, the members of the community create, cooperate, interact and influence each other.

Revonet breaks down the wall between its protagonists, making the relationship between them closer to one another and more human. The user no longer feels just a number but part of the Revonet brand itself, an integral part of the Community.

The reviews

The community is also very important as a place to leave your reviews.

How many times have you been asked for a review after a purchase or a hotel booking? Why are reviews an important aspect in a business strategy of RevoNet?

But what are the reviews actually about? A very important social proof. People tend to consider more valid the behaviors and choices that are made by a large number of people.

If the opinions and comments of the customers of a Hotel are positive this will influence my choice of booking.

Is it not that true?


The very simple mathematical formula necessary to conquer all and capture the attention of the protagonists.


The Revonet Affiliate Program is the heart of the platform.

It offers everyone a guarantee of advertising source and exponential growth that is unlimited.

It gives the opportunity to get commission by promoting services and inviting new users thanks to the “Go to my Friends”.

In a second moment you can ask to join the Affiliate Social Influencer On-demand network, through an annual subscription of only 27 €, where you will be adequately trained, motivated, paid and ready to distribute consulting services for Users that are qualified services and selected.

All in an ethical and sustainable way.